Quality Assurance

           Quality Assurance

As your business grows and in order to remain successful, you need to introduce standard processes and procedures. To have them as a consistent means of managing the enterprise, a benefit would be to implement a Quality Assurance system on your products and services.

As a business reaches the small to the medium stage, those processes and procedure have to be written down to ensure consistency of activity and action.

In today’s competitive market, more and more private sector companies as well as government departments and agencies, seek the assurance of a Certified Quality System from their suppliers.

The intended principles behind these pages are first, to help understand how to approach the preparation of the documenting of their company’s unique Quality System. Second, to help the company’s management understand what is expected both of the company and all its personnel. Finally, offering an opportunity for the company to apply the Standards necessary to achieve Certification.

Quality Assurance
Reduce time and costs implementing a quality assurance program

These pages have been written to use in conjunction with the Australian / New Zealand Standard Quality – Model for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing the current international standards of ISO ANZ 9001.

Using these pages, offered by Your Silent Partner, it is possible for companies to understand how to begin their quality documentation process, with the minimum of time and resources. This in turn will reduce the costs involved in setting up and maintaining a recognised Quality System, even if you decide to instruct a Quality Consultant to help you

Your Silent Partner has written these pages to make completing the documentation, as straightforward as possible. The intention is to help stimulate your views on your business and how you approach and develop your own system.

The format for approaching quality documentation is typical of current methods, the content under these headings and sub-headings may vary when each company writes its own procedures. In developing unique procedure documentation for the remainder of the standard, you would do well to approach each element in the manner laid out in the getting started section.

Finally, it is recognised that there are many ways to prepare a Quality System. Your Silent Partner suggests this process – based guide, which is the method put forward by most of the accredited auditing bodies and from practical experience in providing tailor-made quality systems. As such, we recommend you approach the documentation in our “ABC” format, in the “How to get started” section.