Your Silent Partner



Your Silent Partner (YSP) is a full service growth strategy and cash flow management practice, offering a broad range of programs to help owners and managers understand how to strengthen and develop their organisation using proven systems that offer fast and effective results.

We apply a creative results driven approach to growth strategy, cultural due diligence for mergers & acquisitions; turnaround management; manufacturing cost management; retail stock purchase and management; organisational structure management; succession planning for managers and documentation of processes and procedures for quality systems.

At YSP we work as part of your team, bringing energy, enthusiasm and creativity to every project. Our professional and friendly team have diverse experience according to the requirements of the activity. We also have wide ranging contacts with banks, cash-flow facilitators, accountancy and legal practices, business brokers, access to capital fund facilitators and venture capitalists, enabling us to offer speedily and positively, benefit enterprises with whom we work.

The solutions for our clients include:

  • Facilitating documentation and implementation of quality system manuals, business, strategic and succession plans.
  • Document and implement procedures for companies that have outgrown their current management systems.
  • Carry out strategic analysis of companies, explaining and assisting with implementation of chosen programs.
  • Planning, preparing and implementing company growth strategies.
  • Organising cash flow management, costing and budget planning.
  • Internal management communication at all levels.
  • Sourcing and installing suitable bookkeeping / account systems and training in their use.
  • Carrying out the due diligence required to ensure merging firms management culture will smoothly integrate.

Your Silent Partner’s success for their clients has earned YSP a reputation as one of the leading boutique growth strategy
and cash flow management consultancies in Queensland.

Our clients receive:

  • Professional, innovative, personalised management solutions
  • Ongoing pro-active processes and procedures which result in focused and manageable systems for our clients
  • Access to well researched professional services, whether they be bookkeeping, capital raising, international specialists or internal cash flow management.
  • Access to strong relationships and contacts with major business partners, whether local, national or international.
  • Evaluation tools including monthly reports and planning meetings.

With many years experience in many industries, specialising in service, manufacturing and construction, both domestic and international, Your Silent Partner (YSP) has an excellent understanding of the business of business.

Over the years YSP has developed strong relationships with individuals in the areas of finance and professional services. As a result, YSP has a reputation as being a company that is able to efficiently deal with information requests, answer questions and provide support to management that are working to strict deadlines.

In this dynamic and fast moving age, the fundamental problem is that a business cannot grow when it passes the boundary of the owner’s understanding of how a business works.

YSP takes businesses beyond the limit that an owner can speculate, indeed past the point where they were aware any speculation was possible.