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Business Planning
You don't have to plan, success is not compulsory.

In an increasingly competitive, volatile and uncertain business world, there are two things that most successful firms have in common: they use planning as a strategy for survival and success, and they seek and use help from outside their businesses.

No matter how success is defined or measured, the available evidence clearly shows that the majority of smaller firms cannot be described as successful. Research shows that the main causes of business mortality rate is varied but relates as it  in the transition phase between micro and small enterprises and also the transition phase between small and medium enterprises. Underlying no less that 80 per cent of all failures is an inability and/or refusal by owners and managers to spend time during the transition phase of their enterprise, to spend the time and effort planning the way ahead for their firms. They have grown to a certain extent, but do not realise that they have put themselves in a transitional situation that they do not know how to resolve

Planning is not an easy task but to plan, it is necessary to understand what has to be planned and it is not only more sales! True planning to transition,  is the foundation for all business and management tasks. That is simply as Henry Ford said: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail“.

Ongoing Support without Employing Full-time Staff

Most growing firms cannot afford to employ a full team of management specialists. Getting expert help and support from external sources as and when needed, is the only cost-effective way to fill gaps in knowledge and expertise. Good external support was once expensive and hard to find, but that is no longer the case.

Your Silent Partner was established out of the recognition that busy owners and managers facing ever-increasing competitive pressures, need on-going support that is both relevant to their personal and business needs, and cost effective.

Your Silent Partner courses offer numerous benefits.

  • Once the activities can be actioned, you can then pick the right consultant to help at the stage you are at or wish to grow into.
  • The right external consultant will generally provide the experience and assistance needed for the transition.
  • You do not need these consultants to work with you permanently, only to help you get to the point you are wanting to get to .
  • Your Silent Partner can help you focus on building a more creative and innovative business, and on maximising your capacity to meet and profitably exploit the challenges of the changes in your industry and in the business world at large.
Benefits of working with Your Silent Partner

Your Silent Partner is an innovative backup and support service for private sector businesses. 

Your Silent Partner is committed to helping you reach your potential, and advising you of the many opportunities that are available through working with Your Silent Partner.