Business Growth

Following are our online Business Growth courses. Have you ever hit a plateau in business and just can’t seem to get the growth that you want?  The following online courses will help you grow your business through a step-by-step process.

3 Keys to Monitoring Business Growth

(For Small & Medium Firms)
The three keys to monitoring business growth is a short overview course that was made for the busy business owner!

With profit, purpose and passion, you have the power to create an unstoppable business.

Stage One of Letting Go to Grow from Micro to Small Business

Stage one of Letting Go to Grow from Micro to Small

(Transitioning from Sole Trader to Manager)

The common wisdom is that not every entrepreneur is able or willing to change his or her management style with the changes in his or her growing new entrepreneurial ventures, meaning that he or she could become a barrier to further growth.

The Second Stage of Letting Go in a Growing Business

(Transitioning from Manager to CEO)

The Art of Letting Go in a Growing Business course covers the areas in which you need to start letting go and why if you don’t your business won’t grow.

How to Pass through the Glass Ceiling of Business Growth
Business sizes are different, the private sector has three sizes, micro, small and medium. It does not have anything to do with turnover, but there are things that are the same. What are the things that you have to push through to business growth

Eight Stages of Business Growth

The Eight Stages of Business Growth
This course is for you to see what is expected of a business owner to organise your stabilising, changing and growing Indicators. It covers both the position you are in and the next position you wish to attain in your business.

Stage 1-Business Growth for Start-Up Businesses

This course is necessary to know that a start-up is a business and not a job!  Often when people start out in business they are transitioning from a job. However, to be successful there needs to be a huge mindset shift from employee mentality to business mentality.  

Stage Two of Business Growth-Micro Enterprise

The owner may have assistance from other employees; however, the owner-manager is the principal revenue generator. 

This course covers what you need to grow into the next stage of business growth.

Stage Three of Business Growth-Growing Out of Micro Enterprise

A micro-enterprise owner-manager considering growth will commence by changing their mindset from passive to active. Their focus begins by aiming to increase their sales by unfreezing their mindset from serving their current clients and transitioning to one focused on looking to find more income.

Stage Four of Business Growth-Transitioning into Small Enterprise

Until the owner-manager learns to manage, organise, and develop staff, further growth is limited. Managing a small enterprise by letting everyone work without controls in place, limits the owner’s control of the business. Similarly, where the owner insists on controlling everything and everyone, growth of the enterprise is limited. That is because they constrict the development of their staff.

Stage Five of Business Growth-Small Enterprise

A small enterprise is defined as an enterprise with more than one income generator. The owner is the final decision maker, thus commonly operates within an ad hoc management system. In addition to micro-skills, the owner must further develop time-management, HR, and conflict resolution skills, all of which must be carried out as they manage the finances and plan for further company business opportunities.

Stage Six of Business Growth-Growing Out of Small Enterprise

At this time, they must no longer lead from the front, but manage directly as a senior officer. They must learn how to become a leader and introduce managers to control the divisions. A small percentage of small enterprise understand that they must, through agreed key performance indicators (KPIs), further ‘let go’ of micromanagement control and become a manager rather than colleague. That is, if they want to free themselves to increase the business.