Your Silent Partner


Business Growth Strategy

If you are looking to enhance your company’s performance and that of individuals and teams, then exploring our Business Growth Strategy programs may be of benefit to you.

The Business Growth Strategy program is a development process that:

  • Ensures positive changes in business practices and results
  • Doesn’t demand that your people be out of the workplace
  • Is spaced so that learning occurs effectively
  • Is related directly to your workplace and individual roles
  • Is cost effective
  • Allows you to progressively monitor business and behaviour change

Your Silent Partner’s Business Growth Strategy is an approach to enhancement of management that allows senior management to monitor progressive improvements of a business and also the skill and competency improvement in yourself.

In essence, what is involved?

  • A series of training courses within this website that may be purchased individually and work on in short manageable bites.
  • At these approximately one t ten minutes section that may be repeated as often as you need to understand what is being shown.
  • You may continuously monitor your progress.
  • Each course may take as little as an hour or so or taken slowly over a few weeks.
  • The full program should be used slowly to reflect the size of the business and used to assist in further growth.

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Anybody seeking to start up or strengthen and develop their business
  • Anybody seeking to keep ahead of the pack and develop their business and improve management skills and competencies.
  • The business owner who wants a team of colleagues, all playing at their best in the right position and with good reserves to draw upon.
  • Those who are ‘off form’, struggling in some area and needing to develop their competencies or management communication skills.
  • Those who will be motivated by self knowledge, some clear-cut strategies and detailed action plans towards performing successfully.
Who will benefit?
The business growth strategy program helps with issues
  • Business planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Understanding where a business stands
    in relation  to its competitors
  • Cash-flow management
  • Reading charts of accounts
  • Leadership Style Issues
  • Leader or Manager Focus
  • Motivational Style and Practices
  • Personality Issues
  • Management Succession Planning
  • Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Stress Management
  • KPI Planning Presentation Styles
  • Questioning Skills
  • Team Building Habits
  • Delegation
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Objections Management
  • Personal Motivation Patterns