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About Us

Founder & CEO
Dr Peter Ellis

  • 30+ years helping micro to medium enterprises to significantly grow their market share
  • Problem solver for other business consultants
  • Masters Degree (MBA) in Business Strategy
  • Doctorate (DBA) in Business Education
  • Doctorate (Ph. D)  in Business Scaling and Development
  • Combining practical and theoretical research he is one of the most accomplished management consultants in business stability and transitional growth

Dr Peter Ellis is a progressive and original thinker in business, who has been able to conclusively define the Eight Stages of Business Growth. He has clearly mapped the road you as a business owner need to take to have a stable enterprise or grow your business.

The big question was… why do some business fail and others succeed? This answer has eluded researchers for decades until now. Dr Peter Ellis has succeeded where many others have failed!  

In his courses which may be found within the training section of this website, he looks at:

  • Understanding Business Finances at a Glance.  He believes it is not necessary to be a bookkeeper or accountant to make informed decisions about your business finances.
  • How to Run a Business – These courses show business owners, particularly in the early stages, how to read and understand key management indicators
  • The Eight Stages of Business Growth maps show what changes are needed at each stage of growth.  Without this knowledge and experience it can be difficult to push through each stage of business growth.

We have a Team of Experts!

An expert is someone that has been applying their knowledge for at least 10 years and lives and breaths their subject matter.  Partnering with The Answer is Yes we are able to help you with all areas of business.  No matter what you, your staff or your business needs to grow your business, Dr Peter Ellis can help you with it.  The Main Categories are: