Referral Networking

Dear Doc

I have recently come to South East Queensland and am setting up a service company. I want to grow my business as quickly as possible and yet I do not know that many people.
How do I get to meet people from whom I can get work or have leads referred to me?


“To some, a referral is merely a name. However, a referral is actually much more than this! A referral is the authorization to use the influence attached to the referrer.” Barry Graham Monro
Over 90% of all business enterprises in Australia are small to medium in size. Many rely on passing trade or advertising to get work.

However, many have found that for them, the real power of business growth lies in word of mouth advertising. This powerful means of trade can originate from either satisfied clients, or from other business entities who have their own customer base and business contacts.

Business referral clubs have been around for many years and can be a good and quick way to develop your business. In South East Queensland, are a number of organisations that offer business operators an opportunity to refer business leads to each other.

Businesses in a club ‘branch’ work as a mutual support group to share their client database. Usually each ‘branch’ will only have one firm from each business sector and so all available referrals for that product or service will go to one person.
Below are just five or the many groups that I found easily on the web and whom you can contact. This is not a definitive number and you can find more, but it is a start for you to begin your search.

Business Network International –
Sales People With a Purpose –
Women Network in Australia –
Networking Brisbane –
Leads Club –

These groups all focus on helping their fellow members, but it is up to the participants to ensure other members understand the clients they are looking for and build relationships within the group.

Branch members have to work as a sales-team for each other to find referrals and think of their group as well as themselves. It is for this reason that some branches are more fruitful in work generation than others.

You may find it useful try a few groups or branches, before you settle for one that you find suits your personality and your business.

Finally, some of these groups not only find work for your enterprise, but also find friendship with likeminded positive entrepreneurs. Good luck and remember to enjoy the ride.