Overdue account management

Maximise your Cashflow by making a wise business decision and let Your Silent Partner take charge of your overdue accounts.

The key to good customer relations and speedy payments is through pro-active communications, showing your customer you are interested in them and appreciate their business.

The secret of our success is taking the time to talk to your customers and thanking them for their business.

The result is that that your customer will pay your account before they pay others.

We work under your company banner and represent your company; therefore the client is left with their privacy intact.

Not asking for payment means you are not in a hurry to be paid!

Result . . . . Overdue account, reduced cash flows, unbudgeted financing costs, higher bad debt loses and lower profitability.

Your Silent Partner gives you:

  • Increased productivity of your internal operations
  • Higher customer retention
  • Long term good relations with loyal customers
  • Better cash flow
  • Minimum bad-debt write-offs