SAVE $$$$$$$$$$$$

Is this service expensive?

No is the short answer, indeed we are offering a benefit not a cost.

For a fraction of what an experienced collections employee would cost, you could have at least 80% of your overdue debts in your bank every month rather than in your customers bank, now that is good value for money!

How long do I need the service?

There is a minimum three month initial contract, however once you see how effective this service is compared to what it costs, you will continue the service long term.

What will my customers think?

Customers will make positive comments to your staff or yourself regarding the pleasant calls they receive about their account.

They will also say that they appreciate the calls thanking them for their custom.

Will it reduce my bad debt write-off $$$s?

Absolutely! Your bad debts will become virtually non-existent.

With the firm but fair approach of Your Silent Partner, your annual debt write-off will reduce drastically.

This is due to early detection of problem accounts that once would have turned into bad debts, but with good management can turn into good long term customers.

What if they will not pay?

Our bad debt collections department is an additional service that can be accessed in the occasional instance that it may be required.