Business Planning

You don’t have to plan, success is not compulsory.

In an increasingly competitive, volatile and uncertain business world, there are two things that most successful firms have in common: they use planning as a strategy for survival and success, and they seek and use help from outside their businesses.

No matter how success is defined or measured, the available evidence clearly shows that the majority of smaller firms cannot be described as successful. The causes of the high business mortality rate, 75 per cent within the first five years and a further 80% of the balance within the next five years, are varied and yet related. Underlying no less that 80 per cent of all failures is an inability and/or refusal by owners and managers to spend time and effort planning the way ahead for their firms.

Planning is not an easy task but it is the foundation for all other business and management tasks. In the words of Henry Ford: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

Most small to medium sized firms cannot afford to employ a full team of management specialists, therefore getting expert help and support from external sources as and when needed, is the only cost effective way to augment gaps in knowledge and expertise. Good external support was once expensive and hard to find, but this is no longer the case.

Your Silent Partner was established out of the recognition that busy owners and managers facing ever-increasing competitive pressures, need on-going support that is both relevant to their personal and business needs, and cost effective.

When you work with Your Silent Partner, there are numerous benefits.

  • Your business and personal independence will be safeguarded at all times.
  • Support will be provided in a non-threatening and non-exploitive context, where mutual trust and cooperation are emphasised.
  • Skilled managers, advisers and trainers manage support services. They will all have the necessary experience, knowledge and empathy to be able to relate to your business situation and guide you through it.
  • Your Silent Partner will focus on helping you build a more creative and innovative business, and on maximising your capacity to meet and profitably exploit the challenges of the changes in your industry and in the business world at large.
  • It will help you appreciate that you are not alone.
  • It will motivate and excite you about your business future, and help you see what needs doing and how to do it.

Your Silent Partner is an innovative back-up and support service for the small to medium business sector. Your Silent Partner is committed to helping you reach your potential, and advise you of the many opportunities that are available through working with Your Silent Partner.