Business Development


Aimed at challenging and motivating small to medium business owners and managers to understand the basics of management and do whatever it takes to ensure business survival and success.

Success in business is a journey rather than a destination. However, a journey is only possible if the destination is known. Success in business comes from knowing the essentials and doing them! Although there is no guaranteed secret formula for success in business, studies have shown very clearly that there are a number of keys that can greatly enhance the probability of success. The challenge is then to focus attention and effort on those critical activities that will create the results you want. In terms of the 20:80 principle, you must know what 20% of your efforts and activities will produce 80% of the results you want.

There is no hard-and-fast order for the Ten keys. Key Number 1 is not intended to be more important than Key Number 4. In your situation, any one of the ten keys may need to be given top priority at any point of time.

10 Key Frustrations of Small Business

  • 01.  I have great difficulty in coping with the rate of change
  • 02.  I believe that no one else is capable of doing what I am doing
  • 03.  I am working longer hours for diminishing income
  • 04.  If I want to make more money I have to work more hours
  • 05.  I haven’t had a decent holiday in years, it is affecting my health
  • 06.  My family doesn’t know what I look like anymore
  • 07.  My business runs me, I don’t run the business
  • 08.  I believe that hard work is the only way to be successful
  • 09.  I am frustrated because there appears to be no solution in sight
  • 10.  I have built a business around myself, I have to look after everything, it’s not worth it anymore