The Business Whisperer

Dr Ellis is a business growth strategy and cash-flow management specialist, working with owners and managers from all types of organisations, to understand business activities and develop management competencies. He believes that these skills are ones that should be taught at business courses.

Peter is also a specialist in the area of forensic management, where he works with the owner and managers to prepare an individually tailored strategy and succession plan.  In this way, he is able to help an entity design and implement strategic organisation and management plans that are unique to each client. Peter works with all levels of management to establish clear, defined and practical systems.

Peter’s straightforward approach clearly explains and simplifies complex commercial issues and is underscored by over 20 years experience as a business architect, coach and mentor to hundreds of companies. When he came to Australia in 1995, he built on his experience bystudying all aspects of business, where he gained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of the Sunshine Coast, specialising in organisational analysis and strategic planning. He then researched emotional competence (management communication) in business enterprises. Peter continued his studies at the Southern Cross University, where he researched for his doctorial thesis and examined the contribution to business solvency made by management education programs over the last forty years. 

The result of his studies, enabled him to develop a means of achieving long-term business stability and growth for organisations. This is accomplished through the practical implementation of interactive objective frameworks, developed by applying subjective concepts which are derived from defocused temporal perceptions. 

Peter is continuing his academic studies with a PhD at UQ, to identify, examine and explain, the essential mind-sets required by senior management to restructure a business entity, as it transcends into a larger enterprise. To do this, he first developed an internationally accepted generic platform that differentiates Micro, Small, Medium and Large enterprises. Now it is possible to understand what an entrepreneur should do to keep the firm steady, or how to change its structure as it grows. A fundamental management truth, is that a business cannot grow once it passes the boundary of the owner’s understanding of how a business of that size works.

Peter has worked with hundreds of enterprises, where he has a particular interest in the manufacturing, construction and service industries. He works closely with his clients on converting existing loose business practices into tight, manageable and profitably documented systems that continually improve and significantly benefit his clients. Where relevant to the enterprise, Peter has assisted in the production, development and documentation of international standard management systems; including quality assurance, environmental management, risk management, HACCP and OH&S. He is also a member of the Australian Business Turnaround Association, a JP (Qual) and a Fellow and Auditor of the Quality Society.

In addition, where two entities propose working together, Peter is able to carry out a cultural due diligence to ensure the two entities unite smoothly. This is very important, as the cultural differences of the two parties often affect internal relationships and determine whether all parties are prepared and/or intend to contribute towards the same goal. 

To read the thesis written by Dr Ellis, click Full Thesis  or Abstract