About Us


The fact is, all industries have enterprises that succeed and fail.  Your Silent Partner works on the principle that with the right assistance and input of business knowledge, more enterprises can succeed than currently do in the market today.

As an executive coach and mentoring service, Your Silent Partner focuses on succession planning through the implementation of business, strategic, marketing and quality plans.YSP works with SME owner/managers that have ideas, but are perhaps time poor and so unable to, or do not know how to implement them.

Your Silent Partner’s aim is to use its business experience and knowledge to coach and mentor enterprise owners and managers, letting them see what can be achieved and how to reach their goals.

The next stage is to put solid foundations in place, then encourage and build solid / sustainable growth, giving regular support where required to maintain both the business and personal development.

Facilitate the documentation and implementation of agreed procedures for enterprises that have outgrown their current management systems, or that require guidance in that area.

YSP works with you to:

  • Prepare simple spread-sheets to understand your financial position and for use in strengthening profitable decision making.
  • Understand how to work ON your business using simple systems that can be understood at a glance.
  • Plan, prepare and implement company growth strategies.
  • Develop internal succession plans at all levels.
  • Write and assist in the implementation of business and strategic plans. 

What YSP offers its clients

Over 30 years extensive global experience in organisation and management, company administration, and risk management. 
An opportunity to transform firms at high risk.

The ability to write, implement and test business plans and quality management systems. 
Advice on and installation of accounting systems. 

Long and short term general business advice, project management and business / management skill mentoring.